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[AionEmpire] Cube Expansion (Lvl 2)


You can only use a maximum of 2 of these items per character. Maximum inventory slots: 108
Can be traded; Trade via Brokers possible

Gift for newcomers (ELYOS)


Limit: 1 / 1

Elyos only lvl -1-

Amulet XP Boost +300% and Drop Boost +200% х2
[Jakunerk] Running Scroll x50
[Jakunerk] Raging Wind Scroll x50
[Jakunerk] Lesser Anti-Shock Scroll x50
[Jakunerk] Greater Life Serum 1160 HP x50
[Jakunerk] Greater Mana Serum 1360 MP x50
[Title Card] Knight of AionEmpire 7-day (Speed +3% Flight Speed +3% Flight Time +60 HP +100 MP +100)
Cannot be traded; Trade via Brokers not possible

Dye: True White

Emotion and Dye

Dye: True Black

Emotion and Dye

[AionEmpire] XPBoost Amulet +100%

Amulets and Title Card

XP Boost Amulet +100%. The effect expires after 1 hour, and you cannot use it again for 1 hours.

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